Committed to Care

Located in Hagerstown, Maryland, Julia Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center provides a wide range of long-term and short-term care options to meet your health and rehabilitation needs.

Individualized care promoting independence, wellness, and peace of mind.

Thank you for choosing Julia Manor to be here for you and your family during this time. Our mission is to create a home away from home, where you are valued and cared for with dignity and respect.

In a comfortable and safe environment, our expert team is here to provide you with a professional service supporting you to achieve the best quality of life. With a listening ear and willing heart we promote and enhance your way of life and the choices you make.

Our Promise

We strive to maintain the highest standard of care to help our residents get back into the community or to support a healthy long-term living environment. 

Nurses Week 2024

Happy Nurses Week! We recognize our nurses today and every day. Our deepest gratitude for your service to our community. #ANANursesWeek|#NursesMakeTheDifference.

Success Story – February – Ms. Jones

Success Story“Congratulations on your therapy accomplishments and returning home Ms. Jones!”Ms. Vivian Jones arrived at Julia Manor with a decline in mobility and functional tasks due to a recent surgery. Vivian worked exceptionally hard during her stay to improve her...

Success Story – January – Mrs. Long

Success Story“Good luck, Mrs. Long!”Mrs. Margaret Long (better known as Nonni) arrived at Julia Manor with a significant decline in mobility and self-care tasks. Nonni worked hard during her stay to improve her functional abilities and was determined to safely...

Success Story – November – Ms. Jackson

Success Story“Congratulations, Ms. Jackson!”We would like to celebrate the success of Ms. Darlene Jackson. She admitted to Julia Manor Nursing and Rehab after a brief hospital stay due to a fracture of her Right arm. Upon arrival to our facility, Ms. Jackson and our...

Success Story – December – Mrs. Kelbaugh

Success Story“Congratulations, Mrs. Kelbaugh!”Mrs. Shirley Kelbaugh arrived at Julia Manor with significant difficulties with mobility and self-care tasks due to a motor vehicle accident. Shirley faced several obstacles during her stay, but with a strong will and...

Success Story – April – Janet Bulow

Success Story“I am grateful for all the help I received while here at Julia Manor.” Janet Bulow arrived at Julia Manor in late March 2023 with significant difficulties in her mobility, decreased strength and function and inability to complete her needed self-cares to...

Success Story – March – Cynthia Graff

Success Story“I really enjoyed spending time with some of the folks here, but I am ready to get back home! Thank you all for the help you gave me!”Ms. Cynthia “Cindy” Graff arrived at Julia Manor in the middle of February with significant difficulties and impairments...

Success Story – Feb – Robert Morrison

Success Story“Congratulations to Mr. Morrison for reaching his rehabilitation goals!”  Mr. Robert Morrison arrived to Julia Manor Nursing and Rehab in early February with significant difficulties and decline in his mobility, inability to care for himself and...

A Place to Belong

Join our community of dedicated healthcare professionals and make a difference in the lives of our residents and your community. Offering competitive benefits packages, paid training & education, and internal advancements opportunities.